Not every child heals the same way, but every child who has been sexually abused needs our help. With an intensive, multi-modal treatment program, the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch offers the tools and support to help change lives. Please consider sponsoring a signature fundraising event in support of Little Warriors.

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Legacy Opportunities

As an organization that receives no government funding, Little Warriors relies on the kindness and generosity of donors like you to help us provide survivors of child sexual abuse with the treatment they deserve.

There are plenty of legacy opportunities available, making it easy to choose a gift that’s right for you.

  • Main Lodge



    Be Brave Ranch - Main Lodge

    At the heart of the Be Brave Ranch sits our 20,000 square foot Main Lodge. It houses our administrative offices, and is also where children come to take part in the multitude of treatment programs offered at the Ranch. As a constant hub of activity, the Main Lodge is where you’ll find children moving between therapy sessions, dining together and building lifelong bonds with their peers and treatment providers.

  • Sweat Lodge


    Be Brave Ranch - Sweat Lodge

    At the Be Brave Ranch, we’re deeply committed to respecting Aboriginal cultural traditions. In fact, before the Ranch was officially opened, the building was smudged to bring about good energy and blessings from the spirit world. The Sweat Lodge, which is central to most Aboriginal cultures, is a place of spiritual healing for many of our Aboriginal children.

  • Dining Room


    Be Brave Ranch - Dining Room

    Our Dining Room is where children and their families enjoy delicious and nutritious meals during their time at the Ranch. Children arriving at the Ranch for the first time often remark on its similarity to Hogwarts (in reference to Harry Potter), making it a firm favourite among the children. The Dining Room can seat up to 80 people comfortably.

  • Lodge Kitchen


    Be Brave Ranch - Lodge Kitchen

    At the Be Brave Ranch, it’s important that children feel energized and well nourished during their treatment. Fortunately, we have a full commercial kitchen where our chef creates healthy and fun meals and snacks that not only taste good, but also help children feel good too.

  • Yoga Room


    Be Brave Ranch - Yoga Room

    The Yoga Room is used for children staying at the Ranch to engage in daily yoga therapy, which not only improves physical fitness but also contributes to better emotional balance. This room is never used for other activities, because we want to make sure the energy in here remains as calming and soothing as possible.

  • Basketball Court


    Be Brave Ranch - Basketball Court

    At the Be Brave Ranch, our aim is to help children take back their childhood — and part of that means finding joy in simple things, like playing sports and being active. That’s why we offer a number of activities for children to enjoy during their time at the Ranch. This includes our fenced-in basketball court, which can be used for tennis, badminton and other athletic activities.

  • Houses

    $100,000 each

    Be Brave Ranch - Houses

    During their time at the Ranch, each cohort of children stays in one of four designated houses, which are equipped with a full kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Although our houses are supervised on a 24-hour basis, we work very hard to create a home-like atmosphere. In the basement of each house is an area where the children can play various games, including foosball, shuffleboard and Wii. Children staying here eat family-style breakfasts and each child has their own room.

  • Conference Lodge


    Be Brave Ranch - Conference Lodge

    The Conference Lodge at the Ranch has several uses. To protect the privacy of any children on site, the Conference Lodge is where all visitors are directed upon arrival. It’s also where our clinical team holds case conferences, and where training and board meetings are conducted.

  • Staff Sanctuary


    Be Brave Ranch - Staff Sanctuary

    The health and wellbeing of our staff are paramount to the work we do here at the Be Brave Ranch. This space is used as a calming sanctuary for our staff, where they can debrief and support one another.

  • Enchanted Forest


    Be Brave Ranch - Enchanted Forest

    The Be Brave Ranch is located on a beautifully treed portion of land. To make the most of our soothing natural surroundings, an Enchanted Forest has been created. Here, children find solace in exploring and discovering the wonders of nature, which has been shown to have tremendous therapeutic value.

  • House Kitchens

    $10,000 each

    Be Brave Ranch - House Kitchens

    Children at the Ranch eat family-style breakfasts and weekend meals in the comfort of the house where they are staying. Like most family homes, our kitchens are often the hub of the house.

  • Wishing Well


    A wishing well would provide children at the Be Brave Ranch the opportunity to express their wishes and dreams in a safe environment. It would also be a beneficial tool for therapists to incorporate into treatment.

  • Sleeping Quarters

    $7,500 each

    Children who come to the Be Brave Ranch stay in their own bedroom in one of our cabins. To help them feel more at ease during their time at the Ranch, we encourage children to decorate their room with pictures and other personal items from home.

  • Trail Benches

    $5,000 each

    The Be Brave Ranch is surrounded by beautiful walking trails that children and their care workers can use to explore nature. Our Trail Benches provide somewhere to stop, rest, or engage in conversation that can assist with the therapeutic process.

  • “You Are Loved” Lane

    $500 each

    Reduced self-esteem is one of many negative impacts of childhood sexual abuse. To help with this, our “You Are Loved” Lane is sign-posted with caring messages to children attending the Ranch. As children walk along the lane, they can read the signs and take comfort in knowing many people care about them and their wellbeing.

  • Indoor Signage

    Be Brave Ranch - Indoor Signage

    Indoor signage is found throughout the Be Brave Ranch in areas of high traffic and visibility. These beautiful 7″ x 5″ or 12″ x 10″ maple plaques can be engraved with a sponsor’s name. We would like to sincerely thank Maple & Rose for generously making and donating all of our signage needs.

  • Outdoor Signage

    Be Brave Ranch - Outdoor Signage

    To signpost the different buildings located on the grounds of the Be Brave Ranch, we have 42″ x 25″ or 36″ x 29″ maple plaques, which can be engraved with the name of a sponsor. We would like to sincerely thank Maple & Rose for generously making and donating all of our signage needs.

At the Be Brave Ranch, it costs $25,000 for one child to receive 200+ hours of intensive, trauma-informed multi-modal treatment delivered over a one-year period.

With your support, we can continue to empower children who have been abused by providing access to the vital support needed to reveal their inner hero and flourish into happy, healthy adults. By giving to Little Warriors, you have the unique opportunity to leave behind a positive, lasting legacy that has the power to change someone’s life, while also gaining financial and tax benefits for you and your family.

Our team would be happy to assist you in choosing a gift to suit your needs. To get started, simply email We look forward to hearing from you.