We are currently raising funds to develop and implement a Family Therapy Program at the Be Brave Ranch.

The need for a Family Therapy Program at the Be Brave Ranch is imperative to complete the continuum of care for the children and adolescents we are serving. This program will enable parents/guardians to provide the necessary long-term support for their child to maximize opportunities for healthy life trajectories and strong mental health.

There is often intergenerational trauma within families with the parent or guardian never receiving the help and support they needed to overcome their own challenges. The Family Therapy Program will help Little Warriors address this gap for the benefit of the entire family.

When someone experiences trauma, its physical and emotional effects can sometimes impact their children – and this can begin in utero. During times of stress, the body releases cortisol – one of the ways our body helps us cope with physically or emotionally difficult situations.

But when trauma elevates cortisol to unhealthy levels, it can have an epigenetic impact – not only on the client, but on their children as well.