At the Be Brave Ranch we offer multimodal therapies. This means that we offer several different types of therapies for the kids during their treatment program.
One of the therapies we offer is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). DBT is an evidence-based approach that helps the children and teens cope with extreme or unstable emotions and harmful behaviours.
Our clinical team works on these 5 skills together with the children and teens:
Mindfulness: Learning self-awareness and reflection; understanding control of self is the thing only in our control (not controlling others).
Emotional Regulation: Learning to control emotional reactions to decrease anxiety/depression, anger, self-harm, negative “stinking” thinking, and understanding the functions of different emotions.
Distress Tolerance: Developing the ability to control and tolerate stress.
Interpersonal Effectiveness: Learning assertiveness, communication and validation skills and developing healthy, stable relationships through understanding patterns (i.e. enabling behaviours; repeating family cycles of abuse, etc.).
Walking the Middle Path: Working on polarized thinking, actions, and feelings.
Watch this short video for more information: