A Volunteer Facilitator is someone who carries an immense passion for their community, partakes in preventative education and wants to make a difference in the lives of adults and children.

If you are interested in becoming a Little Warriors Volunteer Facilitator for the in person three-hour Prevent It! workshop please read all below information.

Volunteer Facilitators are crucial to Little Warriors’ mission of helping to prevent child sexual abuse in Canada. They are Little Warriors primary resource for delivering the Prevent It! workshop to adults in communities across Canada.

Prior to submitting an application to become a Little Warriors Volunteer Facilitator, candidates are required to have taken the Little Warriors Prevent It! workshop. Taking this workshop is essential in order to experience the material. This workshop also provides valuable insight into the important role of a Volunteer Facilitator. *If the in-person workshop is currently not available in your area you must complete the 90-minute online version of the workshop. You can register to attend the in person workshop or take it online here.

Assets to a Volunteer Facilitator

  • Experience with public speaking
  • The ability to travel within your community and surrounding communities is essential.
  • Available for a four-hour period at a time. This includes time to set up, take down and deliver the three-hour workshop. Workshops are scheduled during weekdays, evenings or weekends.

Upcoming Authorized Facilitator Training
Locations and Dates

At this time we do not have any facilitator training workshops scheduled. 

If you would like to be put on the list to be notified of the next training session, please email preventit@littlewarriors.ca

Application Process

  1. Interested applicants are asked to complete and return these TWO forms:
    1. Volunteer Facilitator Application Process
    2. Volunteer Facilitator Application Form (be sure to email your resume to preventIt@littlewarriors.ca)
  2. Complete a staged screening process. If successful through each stage, you will be required to commit to a minimum one-year term with Little Warriors and a minimum of one workshop delivery per month.
  3. Attend a Volunteer Facilitator Workshop. Following successful completion of the initial stages of the screening process, applicants will be invited to attend an eight-hour Volunteer Facilitator workshop. This workshop includes pre-reading material, which is sent two weeks prior to the workshop and attendance at the facilitator workshop. The pre-reading material and the facilitator workshop are designed to provide attendees with the tools to facilitate the Prevent It! workshop (on behalf of Little Warriors) within their community.
  4. Pay the $100 fee. There is a fee of $100 to be paid prior to attending the workshop to cover the cost of the trainer and materials. Once the screening and interview process is complete, the Little Warriors staff will ask you for your payment prior to attending the facilitator workshop.