Children who experience trauma and ongoing stress can develop lifelong mental health, learning, behavior, and physical issues. Scientific literature shows that:
  • Brains, and how they function, actually change when exposed to ongoing stress.

    • Ongoing, prolonged exposure to (perceived or real) fear will “activate” the nervous system and create a situation of constant” revving”, where children and youth become overwhelmed, impairing early learning and affect performance in school, in their families, communities, and with their relationship with themselves.
    • The brain’s circuitry is likely to be be disrupted by chronic stress. (This is why early intervention and proper supports- like the Be Brave Ranch for children who have experienced Childhood trauma- is vital!)
    • The long-term impact of toxic stress can include diabetes, heart disease, depression, substance abuse and a shortened life span. Trauma treatment can help to “tip the scales” to support a different, more positive trajectory.

This is what we work in supporting at Little Warriors.